Hockey Puck, Rattlesnake, Monkey Monkey Underpants

Monday, July 19, 2010

Let it begin.

I officially packed the first boxes last night. We had our yard sale this weekend and got rid of pretty much everything we weren't planning to take with us. Then the packing had to begin.

People keep asking if I've started counting down the days. I hadn't until this morning. 19. In 19 days I will no longer live in Georgia. I'm excited, and nervous and a little sad. Moving day will be here before I know it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Apartment!

Hi there. Remember me? I blog here sometimes. No, you don't remember? Well it is pretty infrequent, so I don't blame you. What's this blog all about you ask? It's supposed to be about my and my husband moving to DC. Which by the way happens in less than a month. Holy crap.

We traveled to DC last week to look for an apartment. It was interesting. We were supposed to tour four places. Before we even left our hotel to start the search two of them cancelled on us. The apartments had been taken. We were kind of freaking out. Mostly I was freaking out. Derek was ridiculously calm. We toured the smallest and most expensive of the apartments that we had planned to look at. It was $1175 per month for 486 sq. ft. It had a blue bath tub and toilet. But it was also two blocks from the waterfront, and you could see the Washington Monument from the balcony. The Smithsonian was blocks away. We LOVED the neighborhood. But there was no way we could justify spending that much money. Unless we had to, which at that point seemed like it might be the case.

That was Tuesday afternoon, and we weren't seeing the other place until Wednesday night and we were leaving Thursday morning. It was a basement apartment just across the Maryland border in Silver Spring. The homeowner offered to pick us up at our hotel. She brought one of her adorable dogs with her. She kept warning us that they were still renovating since they'd still bought the house so we'd have to use our imagination. I was still not prepared. The apartment had no floor or ceiling and few walls. I am not a person who has good concepts of space. Holy crap. But she walked us through and talked about all the plans. It had a big fenced in back yard for our dogs. It was incredibly affordable. It had more that 486 sq. ft. And an actual bedroom. We couldn't pass it up. Before we left that night we signed the lease.

We can't wait! The homeowners are incredibly friendly and are event letting us pick out some of the paint colors before they paint the walls (which by the way, now exist). It's going to be such a different experience. We're close to the metro, and shopping, and a real city with awesome stuff to do. We're moving up August 6th so come visit us anytime after that. I mean that. We'd love to have you! Unless I don't actually know you and then that would be weird.